New website

Yes, it’s a new website. It’s also been redirected from the previous domain, so if you had us bookmarked before you’ll need to change it.

The reason for a new website is that the old one was considerably out of date, and no longer reflected the nature of the business. The new one starts afresh on a new domain and with a new design.

What’s happened to all the content from the old one?

It will in the course of time, be moved to a new home. I felt it was time to separate out the “corporate” aspects of the business, such as contact details and a bit about what we do, from the functional and data aspects.

The old material will be updated and will reappear in a more appropriate setting.

Why WordPress? Aren’t you a web developer or something? Why not write your own?

Because the new site is, essentially, just a bog-standard content management system, and there’s little point in reinventing the wheel.