Relaunch of was a website I created several years ago, back when the government’s online petition system was first launched. It ended up a bit on the back burner after the govenment’s petition system changed format a bit and I lacked the circular tuits to bring it properly up to date. It was also based on a fairly early responsive design that, to be honest, wasn’t all the great. Eventually it died a death when the server hosting it failed, and since it wasn’t a particularly well-visited site, it wasn’t top of the list for reinstating on the new server.

However, I have now finally got round to rebuilding it from the ground up, with a new design and better functionality. Fundamentally, it has four things that aren’t possible on the government’s own petition website:

  1. The ability to sort, filter and search by all sorts of criteria, including date, tag and category (thus neatly fulfilling the request in this petition), making it a more useful index to the official petition site than the official site itself.
  2. The ability to comment on (and therefore disagree with!) petitions as well as sign them.
  3. Detailed statistics on the number of petitions created, accepted and rejected.
  4. Viewing the additional data, such as signatures by constituency, that are published in the official site’s API but not on the site itself.

View the site at: